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As a member of Vida Mejor Capital, you gain unparalleled access to a network of professionals, resources, and tools designed to empower entrepreneurs in the healthy food and agricultural sectors. Membership with us means you're not just part of an organization; you're part of a movement towards sustainable economic development in New Mexico's underserved communities.

No-Cost Resources

  • Exclusive Access: Members receive first-hand notifications of grant and loan opportunities, special events, and advanced training sessions.

  • Resources and Support: Get access to exclusive downloadable resources, one-on-one consulting, and technical assistance tailored to enhance your business operations.

  • Community and Networking: Connect with a network of like-minded professionals, industry leaders, and potential partners through members-only events and forums.

  • Regular Updates: Stay informed with our members-only newsletters, featuring the latest news, success stories, and sector insights.

How to Join

  1. Sign Up: Fill out our online membership form to create your account.

  2. Confirmation: Receive a confirmation email with your membership details.

  3. Access Resources: Log in to your member portal to access exclusive content and resources.

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